San Francisco School of Bartending


“I took the bartending course with Shawn and it was a great experience. I felt like I was totally prepared once I got behind a real bar. The SFSOB live night they do where they let students get behind a real bar for real people is a one of a kind experience. I got to get behind the bar at Infusion Lounge, one of the hottest spots in the Bay Area!! They also help you out with your resume. I got a job within a week after I finished the course at Patrick Davids in Danville and I had NO previous industry experience….WOULD RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!!”

Tyler C.
Walnut Creek, CA Yelp review 3/6/11

“I graduated from SFSOB in March. I felt confident enough to get out there and apply for some positions. Within a month, I was working at a bar making great money.

I took the accelerated course and there was a ton of information. Our instructor V was entirely gracious and helpful. So much of what she said didn’t’ quite stick until I was actually working and had the terrific “ah ha” moment when I thought, “This is what she meant.”

This is a great investment. If you have a good personality and are willing to work hard, you’ll earn your investment back quickly!”

Robert M.
San Francisco, CA Yelp review 6/16/2010

“Attending San Francisco School of Bartending has been one of the best experiences in my life! No matter if you are looking to bartend to make some extra money or you have an invested interest and are considering going into the hospitality industry. This school will give you the knowledge, tips & pointers you need to step out with a strong basic foundation to pursue your bartending goals! ….”

Mireille N.
Alameda, CA 6/25/2010 Yelp review

“I just finished their school last week. Definitely well worth the small tuition costs. I think that Shawn also takes a lot of personal interest in ensuring that curriculum is both fundamental and engaging. I appreciate his attention to professionalism and I think that this will serve me well as I work on my alter professional life.”

John D.
San Francisco, CA Yelp review 8/4/2010

“Before entering the school I decided in advance what would make the investment of time and $$ a success. And my criteria was how quick I got a job as soon as I completed the course…I got a job in less than 2 weeks out with ZEEEEROOO bartending/hospitality experience .”

Just like anything in life, the sooner you get your $$ back (ROI) and then some the happier you’ll be. In my case, I got my money back for my tuition in less than 1 month – I’m happy. I considered my investment of time and $$ a success….”

Teddy S.
San Francisco, CA Yelp review 8/5/2010

“I’m just finishing up week one of SFSOB’s two-week curriculum. This place has continued to impress me each and every time I walk in for my afternoon class. I go in every day looking forward to a new and exciting challenge. The teacher’s are passionate and intimately familiar with the profession of bar-tending, from pour techniques and mixology to flair and customer service…”

Jordan S.
San Francisco, CA Yelp review 4/30/2010

“I meant to write this review a while back, but then life happened. I attended this school in November 09 and LOVED it. I had Tim as my instructor. He definitely knows his stuff, is very helpful, and has a great personality. He made the class a lot more interesting and the material a lot easier to learn.

I loved the hands on element of the school. From minute one, you are behind the counter learning the workings of a bar. I also found the iphone app very helpful in studying and still use it to this day to look up recipes quickly and easily.

The school also offers free refresher courses so you can go back at any time and brush up on your skills and Kristen is very helpful with resumes and job placement. I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in bartending or simply gaining a better knowledge of beer and alcohol. I left the school with a wealth of information including drink recipes, methods, history, and service tips.”

Jessica D.
San Francisco, CA Yelp review 3/14/2010

“Great place to learn all the basic skills you need to work behind a bar or at home! The teachers are very friendly and super helpful. The classroom is very representative of an actual bar, with a full stock of glassware, soda gun, well, and all the other essentials of a bar. You learn useful things like how to twist a lemon, using a boston shaker, and also some cool bar tricks. Exercises are very realistic as you do lots of role playing (one student as a bartender, the other as a customer). Even after you graduate, you are welcome to come back any time (there’s space) and practice if you feel out of touch. They also offer a weekly event where you can work behind a real bar…”

Jonathan L.
San Francisco, CA Yelp review 2/12/2010

“San Francisco School of Bartending has changed my life. In August 09 I moved to the city with 3 friends, the money that I got from selling my truck, a resume with one job on it (from working at the mall) and no experience in any field of any kind. I was a 21 year old who got a wild hair and decided to go to bartending school while my friends went to college. This is how it went down:

I took the evening class with Shawn and immediately knew that it was the best investment I had ever made. I learned enough about wine to know what I’m talking about, some flair, how to use a POS system, build a BARTENDER SPECIFIC resume, find a job and decide what kind of bar was right for me… and that stuff wasn’t even during the class! They offer all of that before the evening class, venturing away from the standard curriculum for a few hours in order to give you as much knowledge as possible. The course itself taught me how to use tools, balance drinks with citrus and sugar, move fast, have fun and so many little tricks that truly set you apart from anybody looking to be a bartender with no experience. Let me be perfectly clear, YOU ARE A BARTENDER when you graduate…”

Dillon L.
San Francisco, CA Yelp review 5/11/2010