San Francisco School of Bartending



San Francisco School of Bartending


San Francisco School of Bartending provides the ultimate in real-world, professional bartender training.

If you are serious about landing a bartending job, you will need hands-on classroom training and live training behind a real bar with real alcohol. SFSOB is the only Bartending School West of New York City that provides both.

America's Largest Bartending School NetworkSan Francisco School of Bartending benefits from the decades of experience, up to date curriculum and extensive nationwide network of The Bartending College. America’s most widely recognized bartending training program. For more information visit The Bartending College website.



Facilities – The Ultimate in Hands-On Training

Students are completely engaged at all times by learning from both sides of the bar. Hands-on training from experienced, working bartending instructors combined with our state of the art audio-visual training equipment assures proper mechanics and precision bartending.

Our comprehensive curriculum, unique audio visual teaching aids, and dedicated instructors give you everything you need to be a successful bartender.

There is nothing like the rush of excitement you get slinging drinks behind the bar at a thumping nightclub. Feel the excitement and cut your teeth behind the plank before your first day on the job.


We can prepare you for the real-world demands of working behind a crowded bar. Only by making the right choice in a bartender training program will you be rewarded with the timely employment you desire.


You’ll be guided by professionals whose extensive experience and true love for what they do virtually insures your long-term success in the industry.

You will quickly see that we take great pride in the progress and development of each and every student.